First Train of Meghalaya launched by PM Narendra Modi

Meghalaya, one of the beautiful states that come under the list of seven sisters of east, is endowed with picturesque elegance, waterfalls, the mountains, the lavish jungles and streamlets make it destinations which newly-weds on their honeymoon, weekend holiday Trip lovers and nature lovers can absolutely enjoy. With the first train of Meghalaya launched people can easily travel to North East. It was flagged off from Assam by our existing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This practice would operate between Mendipathar in Meghalaya and Guwahati. The inauguration of this practice was done by the PM via distant device system. All of this occurred at Train Ground in Maligaon, Guwahati. Additionally, PM Narendra Modi also set the base rock of a wide evaluate railway line. This was done for the practice running from Bhairabi to Sairang in Mizoram.

Meghalaya Trip

The operation was joined by some of our nationwide management along with our current PM. These involved the Rialway Minister Suresh Prabhu and Primary Ministers of Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram. In his conversation, PM Modi said that his government has made the decision to allow 100 percent FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in railways. He also said that this would be done to increase the process of modernization of Indian Railways. In addition, the government will consider privatization of railway channels for the objective of advertising economic actions. This step is definitely going to be valuable for enhancing Meghalaya tourism.

The PM has been putting in honest initiatives in the upliftment of the state in the north-east and is PM Modi to bring Meghalaya Meghalaya's First Train inaugrations  definitely seen playing the region’s actions. Sometime returning, he was present to inaugurate the Hornbill Festival that is organized every year in Nagaland. Mr. Modi had punch started the policy of Take in India as soon as he took oath as prime Minsiter. If we take a close look into the sectors being impacted as per this program, tourism discovers a significant position so you can determine that these actions are being applied depending on the same.

Meghalaya's First Train

He finalized off saying, “It is considered in Vastu Shasta that East part of the home must be proper. Then things will be excellent at home. If we take proper the Northeast, the entire India will advance.” This declaration definitely indicates that his government is going to perform for the improvement of this area. The initial actions perform out in the favor of Northeast and Meghalaya for the latest matter and ongoing initiatives will help the government reach out to the public and touch an incredible number of minds and hearts. The decision of providing out the railway connection here will produce fascination as well as interest individuals from all across the globe to visit the wonderful state of Meghalaya.


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