5 Experiences You Can’t Miss On Christmas Day

Christmas is fast approaching. The joyous occasion of the birth of Jesus is celebrated all over the world. In different places of the world it’s celebrated differently. There are feats, masses, people dressing up as Santa Claus and exchanging of gifts.

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Here we list 5 experiences you can’t miss on Christmas Day

  1. A Midnight Mass: The prayers for Christmas start at midnight. Also every church celebrates. Take a candle, light it and attend the mass. The ambiance is soothing. You will forget everything and be taken on a spiritual journey. The music of the choir, the hymns of the prayers and the bliss you feel is spectacular and nothing like anything.

A Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass


  1. Snowfall: The pure snowfall on Christmas day is like a blessing. It’s beautiful and you crave for the amazing gift of nature. Christmas feels true with snow. You can have a good time playing with snow and building something.


  1. Partying all night: Attending a part at night should be one of the experiences you should have. It’s modern but as celebrations go…by far the most amazing. People away from home have this options and one should go for it rather than spending it alone.

16541_Christmas pic MCN_7945


  1. A Family Dinner: Attend a family dinner. Christmas remains incomplete without a dinner with numerous home made tasty food, loud people and all having a celebratory get together.

Family DINER MCN_7945

  1. Exchanging gifts: Christmas means gifts. You share and exchange with friends and family but if you are little blessed then it should be shared with the less fortunate ones. You will celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.
  2. Exchanging gifts ON CHRISTMAS Exchanging gifts

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